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This is my "Now" Page

- updated on 24th May, 2024.

-Most of my morning goes into reading Bearblog or other personal blogs of people on the internet. I miss the old internet but now I feel like its coming back full force and I encourage everyone around me to make their own blog or substack and just write. I enjoy getting emails. These micro blogging sites are so interesting to read and give such a great insight into someone's mind. 

-Thinking of adding a photoblog like page on my website that has one photo a day slideshow running and to make it more interesting, I want to do a 365 photo challenge with only black and white images which is something I feel I am not good at. 

-Most of my communications with my friends have now shifted to email. It's how I always wanted it. 

-I feel very happy about my album "gardens" - I was able to make it so freely and now that its done, I am not feeling that urge to go and make music again. So I am taking some kind of a break. 

-Sleep schedule runs smoothly and it's nice to have some friends also asking me for tips and wanting to get their sleep score up too. I feel quite good helping them navigate through this. 

-What I'm reading -
Shopclass as Soulcraft by Matthew Crawford. 
Mark Strand - Collected Poems
Collected Short Stories of Lydia Davis

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